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This series will touch on skill that we use everyday and usually don't think about too much.  With Parkinson's, these skills become challenging and we can't take them for granted.  These skills are functional and we do them many times throughout the day.  These complex motor sequences may no longer be done. automatically.  We must break own complex sequence into sections and do one at a time consciously.  We must imprint it into our muscle memory.

Below are 7 lessons 

Wooden Chair

1- Getting Out of chair/car

Wednesday, 9/1 at 10am

Learn some tips on how to get out of a chair with power and control.

Tile Wall

2- Stairs-Up and Down

Saturday, 9/4 at 11:30am

Practice some exercises to help you go up and down stairs safely. 

Image by Adi Goldstein

3 - Conserve Energy

Tuesday, 9/7 at 10am

Please read  this short story , The Spoon Theory" before class.  Learn how to do everything you want to do in your day.



Thursday, 9/9 at 12:30pm

Teaching someone how to fall safely can make a difference in a life.  Tricks to using body parts to save you from a really bad fall. Be ready to go onto the floor.

Video - Click Below
Active Senior Man

Getting up off floor

Monday, 9/13 at 11:30am

Do you want to sit on the floor and play with your grandchild? Well, this lesson will teach you 4/5 different ways to get up. We will be practicing, space is needed.

Mopping the Floor

Safe House TIPS

Wednesday, 9/15 at 10am

Learn simple things to make your house a safe haven for you to move around in.

Luxurious Home

Moving Safely at Home

Monday, 9/20 at 11:30am

Are you aware of how your body feels and moves when you do everyday chores? You will learn how to have better body awareness.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 6.08.45 PM.png


Friday 9/24 at 10:15am

Your chance to ask questions and review any of the 7 lessons taught in this series.

Bring any stories of your own to share.

Coming Soon
Image by Kelly Sikkema


01/19 - 01/23

Please send us a quick note about these mini lessons.  Were they informative and worth your time? Are there any other topics that you would like us to add to this series?


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Beat PD Today

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