Over the past few months, our Beat PD Team has been brainstorming how to continue our program through this challenge. We understand the importance of Beat PD as your outlet for exercise, support, advice, and social gatherings. We have successfully created a version of our program using an online platform. Below are the action steps we took to ensure your Beat PD experience remains positive, safe, and successful.

We are all in this together.

Thinking Strong, Moving Strong, Being Strong, Staying Strong.

Virtual Classes


All of our classes are, as of April 2020, are ONLINE. 

Classes are virtually taught by Beat PD Trainers through the platform Mind Body. Check it out here!

  • All levels are offered (Beginner, Bronze, Silver)

  • Various different classes - Boxing, HIIT, Meditation, Yoga

  • Pre-register for classes - link is sent to you before class

For ALL exercise class, have the following easily accessible:​

  • Drinking Water

  • Yoga Mat

  • Dumbbells (or plastic water bottles)

  • Band

  • Boxing Gloves



Although this virus is a challenge, challenges are not new for PDers. Here are some resources to help you overcome! 


Coronavirus & Parkinson's 



be social!

Opportunities to connect with other Beat PDers and Trainers!

Join us for some fun events!

Couch Chats

Online Games

Book Clubs



contact us

Beat Parkinson'sToday 

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East Hartford, CT, 06018



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