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  • Gait is described as the manner in which people walk

  • As individuals struggle with PD, their body is unable to coordinate movement, and it becomes more difficult to maintain posture

  • Tendencies include: leaning forward, dragging one's feet, decreased arm swing, and body stiffness

  • Postural instability can lead to falls

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  • A clean, whole, and fulfilling routine can increase overall mental and physical health and be beneficial to those experiencing symptoms

  • Suggested foods for bone strength & antioxidants: salmon, milk, eggs, spinach, artichoke, brightly colored fruits

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Exercise Benefits 

  • Motor Symptoms: Stiffness and slowness are prevalent symptoms that can be relieved through regular mobility 

  • Improves cognitive and memory function by firing necessary structures in the brain

  • Possible exercises: tai chi, boxing, cycling, aerobic activities, and stretching

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Possible Causes 

  • The cause is unknown but factors such as genetic changes, toxic environmental exposure

  • Some risk factors include age as it occurs in the older population, hereditary genetics, or sex, as men have an increased likelihood

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Meditation Benefits

  • Mindfulness and meditation can reduce symptoms, depression, or stress by lowering heart rate

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  • There can be changes to social well being and relationships with those around you

  • It is vital to create a social environment where friends know you still are the same person, where you can create new support systems with other patients, and engage in social activities to your own limits

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