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Michelle Hespeler

Michelle Hespeler is an educator and leader to both adults and children.  Her twenty eight year career as a Physical Education teacher and coach was one that taught hundreds of children the benefits of exercise.  Her passion to help children learn to be confident, respectful and healthy is evident when you see her teach.  She is an athlete and fitness enthusiast herself, which also makes her a great role model for her students. She is living the daily struggle with her members. 

Michelle was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of forty.  Her diagnosis was devastating, but she quickly decided to help the cause by joining clinical trials, start a support group for young people with Parkinson’s and eventually created an exercise program called Beat Parkinson’s Today.  Her program started in CT in twelve locations and has expanded to other states with in person classes, as well as, virtual classes with members throughout the entire nation.  Beat PD is based on her own trial and error, participation in numerous clinical trials and partnership with premiere Universities in novel science based research that has very promising results.  Michelle is the Co-Founder of CureNow:PD and the Executive Director of Beat PD Today, two non-profits working together to help PWPs live the best life that can today, as well as, support research to find the cure. Michelle is a strong leader in the Parkinson’s community.  She says her strength to keep on fighting comes from her husband, Karl, her two children Krista and Kyle, and her mother who everyone knows as “Grandma Gale.” Michelle’s mantra sums up the way in which she lives each day -  Think Strong, Move Strong and Be Strong, Beat PD Today.

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