Teaches primarily in New Britain, CT



Marie has a BS in Business from University of Connecticut. She has been teaching group fitness classes since 2000 and is AFAA certified. She started personal training about 5 years ago. She draws from her Kickboxing certification for BeatPD classes. Marie just recently worked on a certification called “ACTIVE AGING”. She has found this to be a powerful complement to her “Silver Sneakers” training. And two of her passions are dancing and teaching ZUMBA fitness®!


Favorite moments teaching BEAT PD TODAY clients:

“While one client was having a difficult time getting ‘unstuck’, I invited him to cha-cha with me.  Focusing on something different – dancing – worked to get him moving again and he was able to box more energetically after.  Sometimes you need to switch things up to get results!"

How does she like to spend her free time?

About 5-8 years ago, Marie started signing up for running races as well as obstacle course races. She has done these with her family and says they are really fun. They also began camping as a family 10 years ago and love to be outdoors.


Favorite time of her day:

“I am happiest when I get positive feedback from clients, this makes me feel great.”

Marie Colandrea

Donna Faulkner

Teaches Beat PD classes in New Britain, CT



AFAA certified in Personal Training and Group Exercise, Spinning certified through Mad Dog Athletics and is a certified Yoga instructor through North American Yoga Alliance. Donna has her BA from Providence College in English Literature with a business concentration. She worked at Aetna after college for 8 years.

What has she noticed about her BEAT PD TODAY clients?

Donna says she is so impressed with how hard her clients workout and with such commitment. “I LOVE watching our clients box! The intensive movements make them so happy! Our classes stress BIG movements, moving in all planes (front, back, side, up, across the midline), jumping and explosive boxing.


What do you do to stay fit?

Lyme Disease has been a struggle for me this past year. So, teaching a number of fitness classes is my exercise and part of my fitness plan. I get my cardio from teaching spinning and also practice restorative yoga.


One more thing…

“I just started transcendental meditation. I have meditated twice a day for 20 minutes since January 14th. Meditation has created a deep sense of rest and relaxation for me, plus the quality of my sleep has improved. I feel as though I have come back to myself.”

George Raymond

Teaches classes primarily in Brookfield, CT and Southbury, CT


B.S. in Physical Education and Masters in Exercise Science, both received from Queens College in Flushing, New York. George also was awarded a graduate fellowship which required him to teach undergraduate courses for two years. He also has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry as a trainer and running corporate/commercial fitness facilities such as E.F. Hutton, J.P. Morgan, and T.S.I. (Town Sports Int’l in N.Y.C. &Washington D.C.). George has his p.t. certification with W.I.T.S and is currently working on a second fitness/p.t. certification.


Quote from George:

“I am still learning...each individual is so unique. My clients surprise me every day. They have also taught me to not underestimate anyone no matter their age and/or condition”

Behind the Scenes: George has a brother (a military & national guard veteran) who had a spinal tumor removed and was subsequently paralyzed from the waist down after follow-up radiation treatment. This experience of his brother’s ongoing struggle to recover has given him an increased understanding of the emotional process of treatment and rehab.  His brother taught him not to immediately help or support someone...asking or waiting and watching is a better approach.

One more note...

"We love his compassion for his clients as well as his energy which motivates his clients to work hard."

Anne Beauregard 

Teaches classes in Marlborough, CT



ACE, CPT since 1994. Ann teaches many different kinds of classes including senior fitness, strength training,  pilates, yoga, senior yoga and chair yoga. 

Quote: "I am very inspired by my clients."

Behind the scenes:

"I notice that physically, there are often additional challenges for my PD clients. But, their goals are much more specific - these men and women work so hard to beat their symptoms and the progression of their disease. I find them incredibly motivating."

Did you know??

Anne has a passion and a focus for posture and core strength. This is always her main focus in every class she teaches. 

Terry O'Hara

Teaches in Branford, CT and Old Saybrook, CT



BS in Food and Nutrition, URI, Certified Personal Trainer, NASM, since 2005. Became a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition in 2015. Studied for a certificate for Senior Fitness with NASM during the summer of 2016. She also completed training in balance, agility and stretching, also with NASM.

What she has noticed about her BEAT PD TODAY CLIENTS…

“So, the commitment level of these clients is off the charts. These clients, who happen to have Parkinson Disease, operate like serious athletes. They do not call and cancel unless they absolutely cannot make it...like a vacation or an operation. Most everyone wants to improve their balance and ability to jump ropes. But, what is really interesting to me is HOW MUCH they want to improve…. on everything. Jogging, jumping, boxing, combinations, planks, squat depth, receiving punches and more. This client base is phenomenal to work with. They are athletes with a purpose!”


What do you do to stay in shape?

"I have worked out at a Crossfit gym for over 5 years. I also follow (most of the time!!) a Paleo diet, which focuses on vegetables, lean meat, fish and chicken, fruit, healthy oils and nuts. (For example, breakfast today was 3 eggs, broccoli, bacon and a grapefruit.) This combination of intense exercise and eating seems to be going well. I also run about 1 mile most days of the week."


And, one more thing…
In college, Terry did her senior thesis on “The Effects of Exercise and Nutrition on the Body while Riding a 10 speed bike across the United States.” She found out...it’s not what you eat once in awhile, it is what you eat day in and day out that counts.


And, another thing………..  Terry has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and biked across the United States!  And, she has amazing energy every day!


Vicki Kulas

Teaches in Suffield, CT


ASFA Senior Fitness Association certified and Silver Sneakers trained. A lifelong passion for fitness with many years of teaching high and low impact aerobics for the YMCA and local businesses.

What do you do to stay in shape?

I participate in various group fitness classes at local gyms where I can challenge myself to be the best I can be.  I love weight training, yoga, Pilates and jogging. I wholeheartedly believe proper nutrition and hydration is the best way to maintain a strong immune system and a high energy level.  Many of my friends and family have nicknamed me the “Energizer Bunny” which I take as a compliment!


And one more thing…..

Approximately 10 years ago I experienced a health scare.  Blood tests indicated my numbers were going in the wrong direction for optimal health.  It was then and there that I committed myself to a lifestyle of healthy eating and daily exercising.  I’m now healthier than I have ever been!

Laurel Gerhat

Teaches in Leland, NC

Sarah Maben

Lisa Callahan

Teaches in Vernon, CT and Farmington, CT

Linda Derick

Yoga Teacher

Credentials: A licensed massage therapist for 40 years.  She was the Director of the CT Center for Massage Therapy for 20 years, retiring recently to return to her roots and the work that she loves; her massage therapy practice and teaching yoga.  She has also been practicing yoga for 50 years.

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