Virtual  Classes

During Covid-19, we began to offer virtual classes at all levels.  They have been very successful and we will continue to off these classes until further notice.  We have implemented special rates and a special schedule.  

Beat PD Classes are "Live"-Try one!

    Members that have been taking classes:

  • YOU MUST sign up for classes in advance.  You can sign-up for next week 's classes now by clicking here.

  • You will receive an email 30 minutes before the class with a direct link to the class.

  • You will not be charged for the class if you decide not to attend.

  • If you want a Monthly Contract -Unlimited Classes for $54- you must call the office at 860-918-9594

  • If you want a Day Pass or 10 Pack, you can purchase on-line.

  • Make sure you are using Chrome as your browser.

      Members that have not tried a class yet:   

  • Please call the Beat PD Office at 860-918-9594 to register and begin classes.

  • Please go to Beat PD Today web-site for information.  Click Here

Beat PD Virtual Class Schedule-August

    Monday               Tuesday                 Wednesday               Thursday                    Friday                      Saturday           

Joining a Live Stream Class Instructions

Sign-up for your class on Mind_Body

More information

Please call or email us for more information or to register.

Beat Parkinson's Today                                                 860.918.9594