BPD Trainer Challenge

In honor of the hard working ,members of Beat PD.

Starts Monday, May 30th- Get Ready, Set...................

Check back for updates on how they are doing. 

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Day 1
Monday, May 29


Go Girl!  Look at those push-ups!

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I heard she has blisters on her hands.  Not surprised!

Beat PD Today Memorial Day Trainer Challenge begins with Terry! 100 pull-ups (full disclosure…hands ripped at 90, had to do 2 sets of ring rows), 200 push-ups, 300 squares, 1 mile row before, 1 mile after, 46 minutes, I believe that counts for 800 reps( 100 each for the mile rows)

Terry’s thoughts:

It WAS interesting to me, at the beginning of workout, was thinking about heroes who have died in war, and at end of the workout, thinking of our clients,,,many who don’t feel great as they start the workout …but they show up anyway!! That takes determination to do that… anyway, I worked out a little l harder thinking of all of them!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Heading 3



Here is her data! One hour and 40 minute workout!


Vicki did 11 sets of stairs --in a row without stopping!  She usually does about 100 sets a day back and forth to her office to work on her Beat PD tasks---that's how she stays so fit!

Wooden Staircase


Ran most of the 2.5 miles around the lake (dog sniffing the rest of the time)

25 squats w 30# kettlebell

25 jump squats

10 lazy ass regular squats

50 kettlebell swings

25 bicep & 25 tricep curls w 10# weights

(Need to amp the weight up there!)

25 Russian twists w kettlebell

2 minute plank

Voila!! First big insight: INEED THIS! Thank you for the invite/challenge to get back in this groove.  



Jen's Heart Rate Data-look how hi it was and it stayed their the entire workout--tremendous work!  Her RPE must have been an 8-10!


100 mountain climbers

100 bicep curls

100 tricep extensions 


20220530_111809 (2).jpg

Michelle has a sore behind from sitting in the car for 13 hours driving back to NC.  Think she should get 100 points?  I think so!

Day 1- done!
Who do you think won the challenge today?

Day 2
Tuesday, May 30


100 bb deadlifts,

150 situps

100 bicep curls

As a circuit (10/15/15 or 10×10)

These are the only muscle groups not sore today 


I'm not able to condense my start and end videos so they're short enough to attach as files, so

HRM results and screenshots of the  for workout tax lol


Also- my garage was a lovely 85 degrees during my workout hahaha



Ran 3 miles

100 lunges w weighted pulls R then L (2 sets of 50)

100 alternating curls in squat position

100 plank jacks on hands/floor


And in last place comes Anne with 100 pull exercises on Monday lol

Honestly, the way my life is lately, I’m feeling proud I at least did that


Great -you fit it in!  That's what counts!


Great guns everyone!!! Repeat of my sequence again today. A bit sore around the edges  so grateful for a good stretchy yoga class to rebalance. 


Started my day at 5:30 with a 25 minute walk with my pup.  Then time for my workout a 50 minute cardio interval 40/20 followed by some core work, 25 core rolls, 25 leg drop crunch, 30 bear crawl position quad Superman, 20 release push ups.  When home from gym would go downstairs every hour or so for 2 unassisted pull ups and 20 body weight squats for total of 140 squats and 14 pull ups.


100 Russian twists
105 no press burpees
57 no press burpees

(And a bunch of stretching/mobility work)


In addition to taking Nancy's 9:00am class, I did some of the following in her class and added the remaining after I logged off). 


Pushups (on toes) = 20

Pushups (on knees) = 80 

Plank Jacks (on floor) = 100

Burpees (on floor) = 20

Burpees (on chair) = 60

Squats = 200 

Bicycles = 100

Bent over pulls (with 10 lb weights in each hand) = 100


I'll save myself for tomorrow's challenge.....plan to do crunches, biceps, russian twists and triceps.


Stay cool and STRONG!



5 mile peloton ride



100 each:

Bicep curls (with 15lbs)


Tricep Kickbacks


Jabs R and L

Crosses R and L

4 other sequences

Abs-200 total (gotta fit in the wedding dress!)

Day 2 done!  Amazing strength and determination from all!  

Day 3-Wednesday, June 1


 I spent a good part of the day helping my husband clean gutters (up and down a ladder and then cleaning up the darn mess).  Anyhow, I just completed my challenge for today:

I did a total of 100 each of the following 7 exercises. I didn't do them all at once though....I did four intervals of 25 each.  I didn't stop until it was completed.


Bicycles (elbows crossing over to opposite knee)

Walk out bridge

Alternating leg raises (on my back with straight legs)

Kettlebell swing (25 lbs)

Bicep curls (10 lbs hand weights)

Triceps kickback (full lever)


So... in reality, I did 700 TOTAL REPS !!! 


This challenge is a great way to keep me on track......I can be a slug at times.


That’s all folks for today other than getting in my steps. Should come in around 20,000. That should be the next challenge to get moving all through the day!

100 Russian twists today with 8lb weight…now off to teach 3 classes!

With a bad shoulder AND a bad knee, I still had to workout today. I had to find a way to get my heart rate up with out moving or using my right leg or lifting my right arm above my head. Here is what  I did today as I also tried to focus in some Explosive/Fast movement to fit in our theme for this month.
10 minutes on rower
100 bicep curls
100 rows
100 tricep ext
200 abs
10 minute rowing




 I did the following:

In supersets 5x ea:

10 Back squat/ 10 1/2 kneel lat pulldown

10 Heel elevated front squat/ Chinups (3,3,3,3,3= 15 GT)

Superset 3x:

30 walking lunges/ 15 TRX rows


So in total: 300 repetitions

This is reminding me of exercises I haven’t done in a while and I love them! So, I did my same workout this morning but will change it up tomorrow. My puppy LOVED doing mountain climbers w me, on me, under me! 


Tuesday I did 100 push exercises (chest press with band)

As a bonus today I spent about 20 minutes getting compression stockings on my 93 year old mother in law lol. First time doing that lol. I think that counts as high intensity training and push exercise lol  

Wednesday I’m planning on doing the squats

You ladies are very impressive and inspiring! Woohoo for all of you! 

Terry is worried now as she sees all the great workouts that are competing with her.  She said she needs to  up  the ante tomorrow.
Workout today:

I did 5 rounds of :
400 meter row (x5 equals 2000 meters)                                           25 KB swings (x 5 equals 125 swings)                   
25 abmat sit-ups (x5 equals 125 sit-ups                                             Jump rope 50x (x 5 equals 250 jumps)

Farmers carry (100 meters x 3 equals 300 M)


Really nice moving workout…still a tiny bit tired from Monday.


Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 11.39.37 PM.png

Day 4-Thursday, June 2


I took a class at work, so here is today's laundry list:

3 sets of each exercise, so these are the grand totals. I did not do 45 push-ups all at once haha

And I'm skipping the "filler"moves we did when the main exercises were completed. Can't keep track of a few here, a few there


45 TRX Muscle- ups

30 DB Hang clean to jerk

45 pushups

45* db rows (*sets of rows from plank pos)

75 kb swings

75- half kneel band lat pulldown 

30 hanging knee tucks (hello there blisters!)

60 jam ball slams

30 box jumps



435 repetitions GT 


2 mile walk before I taught the next class, so 200 more?


Today I did the Silver Class (online).  I didn't realize just how many reps are done in that single class!  I lost count of how many kettlebell squats/swings, mountain climbers, stability ball passes, curls, kicks, knees, etc. etc.  Definitely more than 100 reps of each.  Great class!  I'll probably take my daily speed walk around my neighborhood (1 mile) later this afternoon.


Keep up the great work everyone!


Day 4 for me:


100 squats

100 arm rows right

100 arm rows left


Day 4, Thursday, 100 Pilates seated twists



Today, day 4, just finished a mile walk. 1600 meters.


 That’s it. Rest and mobility day for me!!


Thank you, 




Good Morning! Cardio day. Run, walk with pup.  Maybe some Turkish Get Ups in the afternoon.


100 Squats

100 Kneeling push-ups

4 hours of golf

Great work all. Loving the challenge and dedication!





I am having a very interesting and abnormal week! 


Not sure what  I did today?

Day 5-Friday, June 3. Last day!


6 x 400 meters row
100 flies
30seconds x 7 side planks
15 reps x 7 back squats @ 65 pounds


3 mile run

alt opp elbow knee p


bent over curl to oh

press 2x50-100

100 squats


100 Bicep Curls

100 Tricep Extensions


Today’s workout.  Along with pup’s 40 minute walk to start the day. I did the 40/20 interval as a movement snack mid morning after sitting over an hour with online learning. 


Today I walked a mile with my daughter and her dog. Nice day for a walk! 



> 100 walking lunges (50 ea, done 4× 25)
> 100 hip thrusts (5× 20, 30 lb jam ball)
> 100 sit- ups (5× 20)

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