Wellness Programs

These programs are offered by Beat Parkinson's Today and welcome BPD Members, other PWP's, friends and family.

We offer these special programs to enhance emotional, social and physical strength to our members

and anyone in the Parkinson's community. 

Some programs may involve an extra fee. 

All programs require pre-registration. 

Beat PD Members have discounted rates for all programs.

Seniors Laughing

Couch Chat

Dates will be announced

Attendees have a choice of topic each session and some weeks  being Story Sharing as a topic.  

Up the Blue Stairs

Back to Basics

Mini classes that teach skills we use everyday that have become challenging with PD.  We take for granted the simple tasks like rolling over in bed, reaching up into your cupboards to get a dish, or even going up stairs.  Please see videos and handouts by clicking here.

Three Friends Laughing

East Hartford Support Group

Go to Calendar for monthly topics and presenters

First Saturday of each month


Walk in Nature

Walk in the Park





Game Night

AA night or afternoon playing games with friends. 



Fresh Vegetables

Book Club

Nov 8th -

"The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot" by Marianne Cronin

Dec 13th -

"Perestroika in Paris" by Jane Smiley


No cost

Yoga Stretches


  • See class schedule


Please call for details

Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi

  • TBD


Please call for details

To join the book club and receive the link, please email inquire@beatpdtoday.com