Many clients have said how this program has changed their lives.  Here are a few of their quotes.


"The best thing you can do to stay healthy is "Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.  It slows progression and helps symptoms."

Top Neurologist in the World, Dr. Marten Munneke from the Netherlands,presented at World Parkinson's Congress in Montreal in October 2013.

" It was magical!  The next day I  felt like I didn't have Parkinson's."


ST, a retired school teacher who has been diagnosed 3 years and taking classes with Beat PD for 2 years.

It was wonderful Michelle.  I went to the 10am Intermediate class, it was perfect.  I power walk on the trail in town and on my treadmill, which I love, but this pushed me more. I feel great, I even planted flowers for two hours when I got home!  


Carol- A participant that has never taken an exercise class in her life."

Sarah asked me what my goal was...well, "to wear my 4" leopard high heels" I vainly replied. 

Sarah said, "with a strong core you can do that." 

I like her!!   


Lori- A Young Onset participant



Michelle, I just had to call and I know that it is 4th of July but I am calling to tell you that my Dad is walking without his walker around the block!  We cannot believe it.  We are all just so amazed and excited.  Thank you from all of my family.” 


Colleen - The daughter of a PD participant who was very resistant to attend a class.  So, her family had the class come to him and purchased 5 personal training sessions for the trainer to come to his house.



I love the classes. From the very first class, I felt comfortable and not everyone was staring at me.   I never thought of this before.  I didn't even realize that being in a class with all PD people would make that much of a difference.  It took me 2 years to ge to a class, but now I look forward to the next one!  And the price is very reasonable for what you get.” 


Larry-A father of 3 teenagers and a very active wife who is so happy he finally joined the class.  Larry now attends 2 times per week. 


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