Daily Update


Monday, June 29, 2020

​ This week:

  • New class schedule-  Sign into MindBody to signup for a class.  Click here!

  • for you to find a class to fit your schedule.See schedule below:


  • Payment Options (as of June 15, 2020)

    • Day Pass- $10​

    • 10 Class Pack no Expiration- $80 

    • Unlimited-$54/month

  • Reminder of Class Levels

    • Gold - offered at times, very high level of fitness, skill and intensity​

    • Silver- high level of fitness and skill, will do standing and floor exercises, along with high and lo impact 

    • Bronze- medium level of fitness and skill, but will show adaptations to higher or lower the exercise to fit a wide variety of PWPs at this level.  Will do mostly standing exercises, with some balance challenges we may use a wall or chair for stability.  May go to floor at times

    • Beginner- low level of fitness and skill, progressed disease. Wheel chairs and walkers in this class only.  No floor activities, all sitting and possible standing with assistance of wall, chair or aid.

  • Virtual Beat PD-The New Normal-please consider gathering the following equipment for you to use in our virtual classes.  The investment will be worthwhile.  When we go back to "live" classes we may require you to bring your own equipment. Next week, a list of equipment will be available for you as a guide to help you get the proper equipment.

  • Special Events coming soon-Click Here

    • July 8th at 9am​            Meditation to help PD

    • July 8th at 10am          Couch Chat- Meditation

    • July 13th at 3pm.          Book Club -Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

    • July 22nd at 10am.       Speech and PD

    • August 5th at 10am      Clinical Trials

    • August 19th at 10am    Share Time- Back to School

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