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What is Beat Parkinson's Today?

We are a research-based exercise program specifically designed

by a person with Parkinson's

for people with Parkinson's. 

We have online and in-person classes 7 days a week.

Founder, Michelle Hespeler is living it with members. Fifteen years diagnosed, and still crushing it! 

Class Schedule Click Here

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Inspirational Speaker

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Steve Emt
Motivational Speaker, Author, 2x Paralympian
From a small town in Connecticut to West Point, UCONN Basketball,
a devastating automobile accident, and now a 2-time U.S. Paralympian.
Steve has been through more than mo
st people.
Steve isn't like most people. He's overcome all the adversities that he's been faced with tobecome a successful educator, empowering people of all
ages all around the world to become the hero of their own life

Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Toni DeMarcaida
Medical Director of the Chase Family Movement
Speaking on "Victories Through Courage- Our Personal Journeys." 

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