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What is Beat Parkinson's Today?

We are a research-based exercise program specifically designed:

by a person with Parkinson's
for people with Parkinson's.

We have online and in-person classes 7 days a week.
Founder, Michelle Hespeler is living it with members. Over fifteen years diagnosed, and still crushing it!

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Beat PD & Yale 
Exercise Trial

Discover the groundbreaking collaboration between Beat PD and Yale in our Exercise Trial aimed at advancing the understanding and treatment of Parkinson's Disease. This research initiative brings together the expertise of both organizations to explore the benefits of exercise in managing Parkinson's symptoms.

Meet Beat Parkinson's Today Founder

Michelle was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of forty.  Her diagnosis was devastating, but she quickly decided to help the cause by joining clinical trials, starting a support group for young people with Parkinson’s and eventually creating an exercise program called Beat Parkinson’s Today. 

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"Coming to Beat PD was a life saver and a way to take care of myself."  

- Brenda V., Beat PD Participant

Become a Member and Improve Your Life with Parkinson's

Join our community and discover a transformative experience as you navigate life with Parkinson's. Through our tailored approaches, including interval training, boxing and visualization you'll not only improve physical strength, balance, and motor control, but experience emotional and social support from a network of individuals who understand your journey.

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