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Summer Has Arrived and What Do We Do Now?

As a teacher who works 10 months in a year and has 2 months off over the summer, I always get a chance to rest and take a deep breath as summer begins in late June. I think we all envision summer as a time to rest and relax with family and friends. This also means we get lazy and think we don't have to work out regularly like we do the other ten months. Wrong. Summer can be the best of your workouts. We have more time in the summer during vacation weeks, we can go outside to exercise in a changed environment, we feel more energetic as summer begins. There is nothing like sweating on a hot day from a great challenging session. It makes you feel ALIVE, it is fun, it keeps you motivated and you fit into your clothes better. This is when you have to dig in, work hard, power through and continue to do those difficult work-outs. Don't try to use summer as your excuse. I guarantee you that you will feel great after an intense work out where you feel exhausted when you are done. Step it up everybody! Trainers, be ready to work everyone hard this month!! Click here for a great Beach Boot Camp Work-out!

Workouts on the beach are always an option!

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