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Beat Parkinson's Today

Beat PD Ambassador

Who We Are

Invited Beat PD Members have a platform to be leaders of Beat PD Today. Through sharing their journey of being diagnosed with PD, they will help to spread awareness to the community about the benefits of Beat PD classes to their health and well being and the urgency for a cure. Ambassadors will be driven to use their strengths to make a difference, have a passion in helping others, and speak loudly and effectively.


Brenda Vanasse

4 year member

Watch Brenda share her story by clicking the link here!


Jon Kimball

4 year member

Read Jon's story by clicking here!


Scott Beecher

2 year member

Watch Scott share his story by clicking here! 

Jen Daley right image_JPG.webp

Jen Daley

2 year member

Read Jen's story by clicking here!

High Knees Happy Hearts_Lisa T._edited.jpg

Lisa Turgeon

1 year member

Watch Lisa share her story by clicking here!

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