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Beat Parkinson's Today

Beat PD Class

Beat PD classes are enjoyed by people in all stages of the disease. There are in-person and online classes offered seven days a week. Locations are scattered throughout the eastern coast of the US with the main headquarters in East Hartford, Connecticut. Functional Interval Training, Boxing and Visualization, known as the Beat PD Formula, are crafted into an hour-long class.


Participants are encouraged to work at 70-80% of their personal maximum level, which research shows can increase the efficiency of the dopamine receptors in the brain, improving neurological function and  better movement of the muscles.


Classes are led by motivational and energetic certified Personal Trainers. Participants finish a class feeling confident, strong and have an improved sense of self-efficacy.


The Beat PD program’s mission is to provide people with Parkinson’s Disease hope and the opportunity to live their lives with confidence and strength. When one joins Beat PD, they become a part of a supportive community and are empowered to be in control of their destiny.

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