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Beat Parkinson's Today

Why Donate 

Why Donate to Beat Parkinson's Today

Beat Parkinson's Today Inc. is a 501(c) 3 registered non-profit


The Beat PD Today program is an affordable exercise class based on national research around the benefit of exercise to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Our classes encourage intense exercise through Boxing & Functional Interval Training which is personalized for each individual at all levels. Our classes provide emotional and social support and give participants a sense of empowerment over their destiny. 

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Beat Parkinson's Today member, Neil Somberg, pictured above, and leading a Beat Parkinson's Today class in a fun warm up on the left, says he "looks forward to Beat PD classes" and "enjoys doing the classes with people who are a tremendous support group." He states, "each time I go to Beat PD there are new approaches that help me expect the unexpected in positive ways."


Beat Parkinson's Today member, Brenda Vanasse, pictured above, and boxing with Michelle Hespeler on the right says, "Beat PD Today helps me have hope for the future and hope for the cure." She was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease almost 10 years ago, and found, "coming to Beat PD was a life saver" and "a way to take care of myself." She believes, "if I wasn't exercising, the symptoms (of Parkinson's Disease) would be a lot worse. " 

Where Does My Donation Go?

Your donation will help pay for trainers, equipment, and scholarships for members. Click the "Donate" button to see more testimonials and ways your donation will impact people like Brenda and Neil.  

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