Beat PD Today is a program that will improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s by performing exercises that are functional to everyday living.  Boxing is a large part of the program and has shown to improve symptoms in Parkinson's and slow the progression of the disease.  Boxing helps balance, explosiveness, strength, mental strength and more.  Common symptoms such as gait, balance and motor control will improve over time and the progression of the disease will remain slow.  Participants will feel better both emotionally and physically.

                  PERSONAL TRAINING


An option for those who want one on one personal attention.

Individualized program designed for your fitness goals and needs. Click here for level descriptions.

                    GROUP FITNESS

For those who like a group setting and to have the camaraderie of training with others. These sessions are available for groups of two or more.

  • Bronze/Beginner- Participants are usually more advanced in their progression of the disease.  Walking is slow and may require a cane or walker.  Exercises will be low-impact, but still sticking to the Beat PD formula of intense exercise for each individual.  Functional Interval Training and Boxing are the core of the work-outs with a bit more interspersed intended specifically for PD.  Balance, posture and moving safely and efficiently is a focus of these classes.

  • Silver/Gold-this class is for the less progressed PWP that moves at a almost normal level and works at an intense level of exercise.  Class includes high-impact explosive movements, balance skills, core strength and high level of cardio exercise.  The Beat PD Formula is still used and includes Functional movements and Boxing.


      Please contact us to register or ask any questions related to our fitness classes!

                  NUTRITIONAL TIPS
Please click here for great tips on nutrition and what to eat before and after a workout.


Michael J Fox web-site also has important info on diet and medication while exercising.

Click here.


Beat PD Today now offers an Affiliate Program where any facility or trainer can bring the program to their town anywhere in the United States.  The program is a 10-hour session that includes practical and classroom experience.  Sessions are two times per year.  Please call for more details.

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