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Neil's Knowledge: Block the Clock

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

For some of you, if you go back in time, you might remember a class you attended which was very boring. You might remember that the class "never ended". Every time you looked at the clock, it did not move. Sometimes you might play a game with the clock, and refuse to look at it hoping that might move the class closer to the end. Most of the time, the clock moved a couple of minutes instead of the expected half hour.

At BPD, I never look at the clock. I'm too busy figuring out the procedures for the next station, smiling at my leader's sense of humor and directions, and most importantly, learning more about helping me to aid my ability to improve my status as a BPD student.

Class ends with a congratulatory bump with our gloves and a job well done.

Ignore the time and most certainly BLOCK THE CLOCK!

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