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Neil's Knowledge: You Are What You Eat

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A question that comes up with almost any disease or sickness is one’s diet. As we all know, there have been all too many numerous studies on the importance of a healthy balance. When I was an adolescent, I used to think that there were pipes inside my body, and the food that I ate would all go into their respective pipes, i.e., French fries would overflow while string beans would remain empty. When my mom would say, “three more bites,” I actually believed that the food would know where to go.

It is very hard to recommend a diet for Parkinson’s. Yes, fruits and vegetables are important, but so might be a daily diet of salmon. Yes, one should stay away from soda, fried food, red meat and too much cheese. However, those items are the same to help battle Alzheimer’s disease. Is there a disease that does not strongly suggest to drink water on a regular basis? Some, if not all, of these items are advocates to help curb multiple diseases. A balance of healthy food and exercise would certainly help combat Parkinson’s.

Hopefully, our bodies have enough common sense to send their food down the correct pipe. Believe in a balance, both on and off the dinner table. Bon appétit.

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