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Don't Let "Parkey" Beat You!

For the past five years, I have heard this phrase and believed it. It was an expression that motivated me to feel better.

Whether it was jumping, or chanting the mantra, I was always there to support my goal to stay healthy.

I had a coach a number of years ago, who yelled at us while we punched the bag. His cry was "hit the bag as if it was someone who you disliked." I am not convinced that this practice is anywhere in the Parkinson manual, but, to me, it worked. Sometimes the instructor would switch the chant by raising his voice loud and clear, saying "keep up the good work! He is just waiting for you to fail."

Well, he almost got me! It was not poor attendance of exercise class, as I worked hard by example, even encouraging others to do the same. As we all know, Parkinson's Disease is not easy and this year has been a tough one. There was 6 and a half months where there was numerous pain in various parts of my body, with no real help in sight.

Last week, was glorious! Finally, I had no pain. If you are a Parkinson's patient, you know that my glorious week might only be a glimpse of glory, that comes with the territory.

Let us all continue to fight on to beat Parkey and hit that bag! Have not and will not quit!

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