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Neil's Knowledge:We Are a Family

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

It has been over a year since I arrived at Beat PD Today. Fearful that I could not do the exercises turned into a positive, "we are family” place to be three times a week.

Every day you are greeted by an assistant with a friendly smile, a leader who wants to know how your weekend went and who motivates you to do your very best. It did not take very long for her to make me the music monitor for our exercises along with letting me lead the class in song.

We finish our session by hitting our gloves with our classmates in triumph. The room is filled with positive comments from each other. Looking at someone who was told they improved from the week before, their looks are priceless.

Giving confidence and praise is the norm. You have to be there to hear the thank you coming from a person who now knows that they belong. It also goes beyond physical accomplishments. If someone is ill we bound together in concern.

Granted we don’t know where our future lies. An air of uncertainty remains. However, we remain confident as a family that cares.

In some ways, I have become a leader. I make sure that my job entails: 1. Putting a smile on a family members face. 2. Compliment their accomplishments 3. Never take for granted the instruction you’re getting.

4. Believe in your classmates and yourself

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