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Beat Parkinson's Today 

Beating Parkinson's, Backed By Science

We are not just another exercise program! 

Beat PD and Yale University partner in a clinical trial that was recently published in a medical journal. 

We are a research-based exercise program crafted explicitly by a person with Parkinson's for individuals sharing the same condition, representing a uniquely empathetic approach to managing the disease. The program leverages the personal insights and experiences of its creator, who understands the physical challenges and nuances of Parkinson's firsthand.

“Beat PD’s High-intensity Exercise Program showed brain-protective effects that have the potential to not just slow down, but possibly reverse, the neurodegeneration associated with PD.” Dr. Sule Tinaz, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurology, Yale School of Medicine

Why Beat PD Today Stands Out

At Beat PD Today, we're not just another exercise program for those living with Parkinson's disease; we are pioneers in transformative, science-backed therapy. What sets us apart? It's our commitment to not only improving lives through exercise but also proving the effectiveness of our methods through cutting-edge scientific research.

We are the only Parkinson's exercise program that has utilized brain imaging to verify that our exercise routines genuinely alter the biology of the brain. This isn't just exercise; it's a pathway to neuroplasticity, where each movement is designed to forge and strengthen neural connections disrupted by Parkinson's.

“This is the first time imaging has been used to confirm that the biology of the brain in those suffering with Parkinson’s disease is changed by intense exercise,” says Evan D. Morris, PhD,

Groundbreaking Brain Research

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Exclusive Clinical Trial with Yale University

In an unprecedented collaboration, Beat PD Today teamed up with Yale University to conduct a clinical trial focused on our unique exercise regimen. The results were nothing short of spectacular, distinguishing our program from any other. This trial not only demonstrated significant improvements in the physical capabilities of our participants but also underscored the biological changes in the brain, confirming the potent impact of our specially designed exercises.

Our partnership with an esteemed institution like Yale and our proven clinical outcomes set Beat PD Today apart as a leader in Parkinson's rehabilitation. When you join us, you're not just participating in an exercise class; you're engaging in a scientifically proven program that rebuilds your brain and body.

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Behind the Exercise Curtain:
The Science In Our Exercise Strategy

Imagine reversing Parkinson's progress with just exercise. Yale and Beat Parkinson's Today have been working together on a study that brings us closer to reality, showing that high-intensity workouts are the key we've been looking for. It's not just science; it's a new hope, shining bright for those facing Parkinson's every day. This exercise program is specifically designed for all ages and stages of Parkinson’s. With Beat Parkinson’s Today stepping up and using these insights to empower those affected, we're not just dreaming of a better future—we're making it.

From improved balance and motor control to heightened

mental acuity and overall well-being, our participants

experience a transformative journey towards a brighter,

more empowered future.

 You'r First Consultation is On Us!

Our Classes

Tailored for Every Stage of Parkinson's

At Beat PD Today, our mission is to provide a supportive and effective exercise environment that caters to the unique needs of those living with Parkinson’s disease. Here’s how we ensure that each member of our community receives the best possible support and results:

Clinically Proven Exercise Classes!

Join Beat PD Today and experience the difference of a program that truly understands and addresses your needs at every stage of Parkinson’s.


Here, you’re not just a participant; you’re family.


We're a strategy to beat Parkinson's Disease!

At Beat Parkinson's Today, we are a glowing beacon of hope and a tight-knit community of fighters, all committed to changing the narrative of Parkinson's Disease. Our goal? To provide those facing Parkinson's not just with treatments but with a journey towards resilience, empowerment, and renewed strength. We are an exercise program specifically designed for people of all ages and stages of Parkinson’s. It's about giving back control and igniting a sense of confidence, showing everyone that their diagnosis does not define their potential.


Real Results Real Impact!

It's not just about the promise, it's about the proof

Our approach, focusing on intense, personalized exercise, has a track record of real, life-changing outcomes. By integrating Boxing and Functional Interval Training, we've seen our members regain significant control over their movements, improve their physical strength, and enhance their overall quality of life.

But the victories extend beyond the physical realm. Our program serves as a powerful conduit for emotional and social enrichment, creating a community where support, understanding, and friendship flourish. It's here that our members find not just physical empowerment but a renewed sense of hope, resilience, and a collective strength that Parkinson's cannot diminish.

Empower Your Neurons

When you join us at Beat Parkinson's Today, you're doing more than just exercising your body. You're giving your neurons a workout, too. Our unique exercise programs are designed with the brain in mind, aiming to strengthen those neural pathways and boost brain health.


It's about keeping not just your muscles but also your mind sharp, fighting back against Parkinson's with every move you make.

Craft a New Narrative for your BRAIN!

Our programs are grounded in the latest neuroscience, designed to enhance brain plasticity—the brain's remarkable ability to rewire itself. This isn't just about easing symptoms; it's about fundamentally improving how you live with Parkinson's. Classes are specifically designed to improve the symptoms of PD and to slow the
progression Through targeted exercises, we aim to boost your cognitive functions, enhance your mobility, and lift your spirits, ultimately elevating your quality of life to heights you might not have thought possible.


Your brain can not wait! Join us, and experience how reshaping your brain's plasticity can bring about real, tangible changes in your everyday life.

Friendships Last A Lifetime!

Fostering community connections is at the heart of everything we do. Here, you'll find yourself supported every step of the way, not just by our team but by an entire community of individuals facing similar challenges. It's a place where friendships are formed over shared experiences, where everyone is determined to thrive, not just survive.


This sense of belonging and mutual support nurtures growth, resilience, and a collective strength that makes each obstacle easier to overcome. In our community, you're never alone; you're part of a family united in its fight against Parkinson's, offering support and finding hope together.

This Community is Made For You


Feel Better Today & Tommorrow!

Explore Our Resources

A groundbreaking study conducted by Yale University has revealed the remarkable potential of high-intensity exercise in reversing the neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson’s Disease. This research reveals a transformative link between targeted exercise and neurological resilience, offering a beacon of hope for individuals battling this progressive condition.


Let’s explore the findings and explore how Beat Parkinson’s Today aligns with this pioneering research, providing a path to empowerment and vitality for those affected by Parkinson's. 

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Changing Lives Everyday


- Roger Strano -

“I am new to these classes. I used to have a private virtual lesson with a physical therapist two times a week for ½ hour. My neurologist and my wife felt that this was not enough exercise. My Neurologist recommended Beat Parkinson’s Today, and I tried it. I have only been doing this since the beginning of November, and I have a long way to go.
Sometimes I get up and don’t look forward to the exercising. But I feel so much better when I have completed the class. In the beginning as it was new, I had trouble knowing what to do. 
It helps me with my confidence! Thanks, Beat Parkinson’s Today!!!”

Neil Beats PD Today
Alice Shares Her Story
Lisa Shares “Her Story”
Scott Shares “His Story”
  • What does The Beat Parkinson’s Today program offer?
    Beat Parkinson's Today offers in-person and on line exercise classes specifically designed to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Our classes are small so that we can give personal attention to everyone. We educate members on why and how to benefit from each exercise. Beat Parkinson’s Today improves movement, increases neurological function, and boosts overall health.
  • What if a participant needs assistance?
    If someone needs assistance in performing or understanding the exercises, then a caretaker must remain with the member during the class.
  • Can I come to observe a class?
    No. Only people with Parkinson’s or their caretaker are allowed to be in the gym during the class. This is an area of emotional comfort to the members and we don’t want to hinder anyone from participating. If a PWP wants to observe or try a class, they must have Parkinson’s, register, sign the liability waiver and pay the daily rate.
  • How many days do I need to take a class?
    This depends how much better you want to feel. The effects of exercise will be better the more you do it, but there is a balance that you need to find that fits your needs and life-style. Our general recommendation is to take 3-4 BPD Classes per week and some other form of exercise 2 more days per week.
  • What is the cost of our classes?
    We try to keep the cost for classes reasonable and affordable. We do have grant money that is dedicated to those who have a financial need. A short application is given to the member and aid is given accordingly. Please call the office for accurate fees since they change periodically.
  • Does insurance cover our classes?
    Some insurance companies will reimburse clients for certain physical activities and fitness memberships, so we recommend you check with your insurance company
  • General interest/how can I get started with your program?
    To get started, press a Sign up button. You will then receive a “Welcome” email that will give you instructions for your next steps. If you have any questions, call the office and we will be happy to help.
  • What equipment/ space do I need for your classes? (online vs. in-person)
    For in-person classes, you need a water bottle, sneakers and appropriate clothes to exercise in. Boxing gloves are helpful, but not required. For virtual classes, you need the same as listed above, as well as, a safe space to exercise. A space that is 6 feet x 6 feet is sufficient, with a high ceiling and a good floor. The best flooring is matting or wood. Cement and tile will be ok too, but more injuries occur on these surfaces. A set of dumbbells is a good idea and boxing gloves. They both can both be purchased on Amazon. Very little equipment is needed, but a safe space is important for you to set up before you begin.
  • Do you offer any programs outside of your classes?
    We do offer support group meetings, doctor presentations, Fundraisers (Galas and Golf), a virtual Book Club, and other periodic social events. We also intermittently offer Tai chi, Massage and Yoga classes. With this said, our main mission and expertise is our classes.
  • What qualifications do your trainers have?
    All our trainers are required to have a Board certified fitness certification or a degree in a health related field. They must have there own insurance and be CPR certified. They also go through an 8-hour training session with a Beat PD Master Instructor to learn about the disease and its effects on exercise.
  • Are people on or off with medication when they take your classes?
    Both. We are not doctors, so we do not we do not recommend counsel on medications. Please consult your neurologist.
  • What are your level of classes?
    We have two levels of classes. When you are assessed, we will tell you which level is best for you to start in. Please go to our website for a detailed description of each level.
  • Can I participate if I have a similar neurological condition to Parkinson's Disease?
    Yes, we do not advertise this, but we do consider other similar conditions. Please call the office to discuss your situation with a staff member and they will guide you through an appropriate decision.
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