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Have a Healthy Holiday-It's your Choice

December, 2022

The next month is a busy one. December seems to sneak up quickly and then it’s gone. We all get stressed out buying gifts, planning and attending parties, and trying to keep ourselves working out. I hear a lot of people with a lot of excuses for not working out this month. For me, that can’t happen, and I challenge you to do the same. You must prioritize what is important to your health. You must continue your workouts just like any other time of year. You want to be in control of your Parkinson’s symptoms, not them controlling you. Maybe you shorten some workouts, but you can not stop. You will regret it. You will regress and it will be twice as hard to get back on track. Try to mix it up and try a new class. Visit one of our locations, or try a virtual class. We all need a little extra will power this month to keep it going. Next time you say to yourself, “ I’m going to skip today’s workout.” I want you to STOP, take a deep breath, and think again what your priorities are. I think you will choose correctly.

Think Strong,


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