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Neil's Knowledge: Who Are You Going to Call?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The song “Who Are You Going to Call” was an extremely popular song to a movie title back in 2013. The song was used in commercials and reached the Top 10 on the music charts. Ray Parker Jr’s song can also be used in medicine, especially when it comes to deciding whether you need a second opinion about receiving a negative report pertaining to Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s has numerous symptoms that can sometimes be misinterpreted because of its similarities with other causes.

Some people cannot accept a diagnosis mainly because they were not familiar with what the disease was and how it would affect them. Also, it is hard to believe in a disease when there have been no significant changes (i.e., Michael J Fox’s pinky). Who should you call? Anyone experiencing symptoms should see a specialist. Do not wait until you lose your motor skills or a lack of facial emotion. Do not rationalize that because there are no major effects, you are “out of the woods.”

This article would not be complete without the importance of physical activity. I am in my fourth year. It includes four days a week of exercise which includes boxing, and nonstop activities pushing myself to get the most out of the hour. Sometimes I notice some of my colleagues who show up occasionally, believing that a couple of days of exercise is significant - IT IS NOT!

In an interview with singer, song writer Neil Diamond, (no relation to Neil’s Knowledge), he was told of the fact that he had Parkinson’s. He took a very flippant attitude towards the diagnosis (give me the pills and I’ll get around to taking them). So, who should you really call? Maybe, it would better to reverse the question! Wouldn’t it be amazing if the second opinion, was you? - a Parkinson patient who can help others. Credible, you bet!!

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