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Will Power

We can do anything. Two great examples happened to me today that just took will power.

1. A client in my class said she can't jump rope. I said, "Not yet, but you will." She is 70 years old with PD. She tried about 4 times, and got 4 jumps in a row. About 5 more tries and a determined look on her face ---she jumped 16 times! The smile on her face was heart warming. She is fighting the fight!

2. Karl called and asked me if I wanted to meet him

at Maggie McFly's for dinner to break up the monotony of the week. I hesitated because I didn

't want to break my great eating streak. We always get Nachos and Broccoli Cheese soup at the bar with a beer-----not on the Whole 30 diet! But, I said yes because I can't stop living and become a hermit just to eat right. I ordered steak kabobs and edamame. It was great and filled me up and I felt in control and empowered that I actually did it! Will power --I am fighting the fight!

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