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Get Out of the House to Exercise!

For the past nineteen months, every single human being on this earth has been effected by the pandemic and has undergone a life change in some way, shape or form. Some good changes and some not so good. Virtual exercise classes is one that has effected me the most, both personally and professionally.

Never have I made so many Zoom calls! I don't even call people now. I text, email or Zoom. That word has become part of my common vocabulary. I have learned to do everything on Zoom or the computer. No wonder why I bring my phone and my laptop everywhere I go. The only place that I am free from the world is the golf course. I love it! No phone, no laptop, total golf and beautiful outdoors. Peace of mind, focus on golf and me. I will admit though, peace is not always the feeling when I golf. On a bad day, either Karl or I could be cursing and frustrated to the point of peacelessness. But, that's Golf, so I have been told. But aside from golf, virtual platforms are part of my daily life and I am not so sure it has been a positive change to my well being.

Exercise is my medicine, as I have said many times. I will fit in my exercise where ever and when ever I can in the day. Youtube videos have been great and Beat PD Virtual classes have saved my life. My business has been hit, but it is still standing with virtual classes and about 30% of my clients participating. Personally, I work out more now because it is so convenient. I can do it at 7am or 7pm. I can do it in CT, or I can be in NC or even Costa Rica. I can use dumbbells, or cans of corn. I can walk to my computer for a workout or to teach a class and I don't even need to brush my teeth ( yuck- but I do). There is no excuses anymore for us not to workout when it is at our fingertips.

But.............................I need to get out in the world again. I need to see people, human interaction, see body language, expressions, fist bump, elbow shakes, smiles, warm hellos, stimulation from people. We all need these things. It is not healthy to stay home for 19 months. It is not the way our bodies nor our brains were built to function. It is depressing, and yes, many of our PD community have become depressed. It is a hard place to be. It is a hard place to get out of. But I have some suggestions. I almost guarantee that my suggestions will help you feel better and move better. My suggestions are not medically based (yet), but they are my own personal conclusions from my experiences and observations. Here they are:

  1. Exercise (SURPRISE!)

  2. Get out of the house and talk/see people.

  3. Empower yourself

Where can you get all three of these things at one time?

PWP's - In person Beat Parkinson's Today classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Non-PWP's- Any exercise class or program!!!!!!!!

As we open our in person classes at the many Beat PD locations throughout CT, we hope you take advantage of them. It has been, and will continue to be, very convenient to roll out of bed and into our living rooms to exercise with a virtual exercise class. But the advantages of going to a class with live people is going to enrich your experience and lift your spirit. Your energy will be elevated, your social outlets will be opened, trainers will be able to give you better feedback, you will feel confident and in control of your destiny and you will leave class with a sense of accomplishment. All of these things will give you a feeling of positivity. Nothing virtual will give you these same results.

Results you will get if you come to a class at one of our 6 locations throughout CT. I can almost say this with 100% confidence. From personal experience and from observing hundreds of people with Parkinson's (PWPs), Beat PD classes have improved the quality of many lives. As I have stated for 15 years, the two things that I believe keep me healthy are exercise and a positive attitude. I invite you to join me in my journey to healthy living. We have one life, we must live it. Live it full while you can. I hope to see you soon at an exercise class near you.

Think Strong

Move Strong

Be Strong............and Stay Strong


October 29, 2021

I dedicate this blog to my brother, Michael, who, one year ago today, was taken from us at 50 years old. He is greatly missed by my mom, my dad, my kids, Krista and Kyle, his 3 children, Karl and I. We all continue to live each day to the fullest with him deep in our hearts and thoughts. God Bless you, Michael.

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