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Just Be

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Michelle's Message, 1/28/22

This year, I just want to BE. I want to be happy, be healthy. Do you know the definition of "be"? Here it is: exist, live, have life. That is simple, but true. And it is actually not that simple in today's world. Life is hard. I think about this all the time-I have a great life, with an amazing support system (great family, enough money, health-PD doesn't count, great friends, food, house, etc) and my life is still hard at times. I know there are many people that have much less than I.

I wonder how hard their lives are. How do they get through it. I am so grateful for what I have. Obstacles and road blocks pop up every day. Life is hard. This is why in 2022, I want to just BE. I want to exist, live and live life happily ever after.

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