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2022- It's Half-time

What have you accomplished in the past six months? As I reflect on the first half of this year, I am not sure I have yet achieved my goals. In January, I wrote about my goal to just "Be". I want to be happy, be present, be healthy, be here and now. I don't want to add anything to my plate. I want to slow down and do nothing. Did I do that??

Yes and No. To be is to exist. To be happy, to be healthy, to be present, to be be kind, to be present. Those are the positive "be's" in my life. I have moved to North Carolina permanently with my husband Karl into our dream retirement home. We just moved my mom down to NC into her new condo. Our son, Kyle, graduated with his masters in Accounting and getting his CPA. Krista, our daughter, is getting married in three weeks. That is a lot in half a year. It was an amazing and my life continues to be one I cherish and am lucky to have. Along, with my personal life being so busy, Beat PD continues to grow and consumes much of my time. I have had meetings with Yale, CureNow PD, Michael J Fox Foundation, clients, trainers, doctors, news reporters and I have planned support groups, seminars, golf tournaments. All I do is because I love it, and I am inspired by all the people around me, inIt also is my passion and gives me a focus and purpose in life. It makes me B happy, B healthy, B compassionate, B purposeful, B kind, B meaningful and so many more B's I can't name them all.

Sometimes, my life is too busy and my family and.friends tell me to slow down. My thought is that this business is keeping me healthy. Being complacent is not healthy. I must move my body and keep my mind thinking. I must grow and improve myself. Beat PD and my busy life keep me inspired mentally and physically. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to live this life.

I have had Parkinson's Disease for fifteen years. Over this time, I have made great friends with others living with PD. Some of them have progressed in the disease and can no longer be a part of Beat PD, and some of passed. My heart aches with sadness, grief and anger to the point that I will not stop fighting. I will not keep striving for my own health, but I will keep working in any way to find the cure and prevent our future generations from getting this horrid disease.

The Trainer Challenge that we just finished opened my eyes to a couple things. It made me realize how much comrade and friendships make a difference in our lives. It also made me realize how hard we all work in Beat PD classes. Our Trainers realized how hard we work. They don't just talk the talk, but they walk the walk. Exercise is good for everyone's mental and physical fitness. The changes it can make in your life are phenomenal and those of us who feel that change don't understand why more people don't do it. Congratulations to you that have gotten the "exercise bug" and. have made it part of their life.

So, this was a long description of my 6 month of goal to just "Be". I am slowing down and taking in all of these special events in my life. But I am also speeding around to fit even more in to my life to keep me, my family and my friends healthy and happy!

The Trainers reflections on the Challenge are on the web-site. Please go to:

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